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Our ultimate goal is to make sure every customer is satisfied with their experience from beginning to end.

As a relatively new company (entering our ninth year), we cannot boast about how many years we have been in the business. While some may see this as cause for concern, we think customers should see this from a different perspective. Because we cannot speak to our years of experience, we must earn customer satisfaction. We cannot simply ask you to trust us based on our well-established reputation. To us, earning customer satisfaction means that we must continually work to exceed customer expectations. At the end of the day, it is all about proving our self to you. We recognize that our final product must showcase our professionalism and quality workmanship. The work must speak for itself.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure every customer is satisfied with their experience from beginning to end. After many years working for other paving companies in the city, I, the owner, have seen all the good and bad practices in the industry. I have seen what makes a customer happy and I know that saving a few dollars on my end is not worth the possible loss of a referral. You can be sure that we will work for that referral.

Our Team from left to right

Bill: Bill has many responsibilities. You will see him assisting on all aspects of your project. His most important role, however, is operating the Bobcat. Bill will use this machine throughout the various stages of completing your project. Bill is so careful and precise with the machine that Albert often tells him that he makes his job easy when it comes to grading. We try to keep Bill humble, but he really is an amazing operator.

Fun facts: He is incredibly strong (his nicknames are dozer and bam bam) and has never been late for work (despite having the longest commute time).

Suren: Suren is the owner / operator…amongst other things. When you hire Bulgari Paving, his hand will be the first and last hand you shake. Not only does he personally complete each estimate, he also works alongside the crew. It is not uncommon to see him on the roller, driving the dump truck, operating the Bobcat or driving the paver. It would be an understatement to say that he is very involved in the operation of his company that he has worked so hard to build.

Fun facts: He is possibly the calmest and most personable person you will ever meet.

Bobbie: Bobbie is Suren’s wife and business partner. She is in charge of all of the behind the scenes stuff (organizing schedules, contacting customers, invoicing and billing, etc.). While her official title is “office manager,” you will quite often see her on the job site. If she is on the job site, you can be sure that she is there cleaning and judging every detail of the project (sometimes, annoyingly so). The guys affectionately call her “hawk eyes.”

Fun facts: She is incredibly organized. This may have something to do with being a teacher.

Albert: Albert is our raker man and paver operator. He is also a bit of a legend in the Ottawa area. Albert has been in the paving industry for over 25 years (residential, commercial, industrial). During his long career, Albert has seen and done it all. He truly knows this industry inside and out. Albert is the person responsible for making sure the driveway is graded and paved properly. So, you will see Albert either with a rake in his hand or on the back of the paver.

Fun facts: He drives a cool scooter to work and says the funniest one-liners that we tend to repeat.

Brian: Brian comes to us with a wealth of experience having worked with natural stone for much of his long career. When installing interlock, Brian is the one who uses the saw. The big orange and white saw is very much his. When you see him cut, you will know why. On asphalt, Brian is our tamper man. His attention to detail and his need for perfection makes him the perfect person for this aspect of the project. Brian will ensure that the perimeter of your driveway is both neat and straight.

Fun facts: He loves dogs and has a very quick wit.

Rob: Rob is our interlock installer. He has over 25 years of experience in this line of work. While other members of our team assist Rob with the installation, it is Rob’s responsibility to ensure that every detail of the project is checked and double checked for quality assurance. This means that you will see straight seams, proper slopes, even surfaces, and aesthetically pleasing final touches.

Fun facts: He loves sweets and has a penchant for cracking jokes at just the right time.

Commitment to You

Bulgari Paving owner Suren Tchilingirian, personally oversees everything

As owner, I would like you to know that I will be the one meeting with you when you call for an estimate. I do not send an estimator. I will also be on the jobsite as my crew works to make your dream a reality. I personally oversee every aspect of the job. This commitment to you—the homeowner—is what sets us apart from many other companies.

We at BULGARI PAVING, look forward to working with you.

True Professionals

From the time you request an estimate until our last employee leaves your project site, you will be dealing with true professionals – educated and hardworking men and women dedicated to ensuring the best value and experience you can find in the, residential, commercial and industrial paving business. We take a white-collar approach to a blue-collar business.

Fast, Detailed Proposals

Your estimate will be produced quickly and will provide accurate costs, resources required, and the approximate time required to complete your project.

Safe, Professional Crews

Our crews are professionally trained, drug-free, and have no criminal backgrounds. You can rest assured your paving project is being managed and carried out by safe and knowledgeable professionals.

HomeStars Best of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021

Bulgari Paving has proudly accepted HomeStars “Best of” award for the past seven years and counting!


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