Ottawa Residential & Commercial Paving Services

We offer several different options to ensure a quality product is always delivered

Bulgari Paving specializes in residential and commercial paving projects for the Ottawa area. For residential projects, we specialize in asphalt driveways, and offer several different options to ensure a quality product is always delivered. Bulgari Paving also offers top-notch, affordable commercial asphalt paving services alongside numerous other related products and services. Find out more below.

Residential Paving

We specialize in asphalt driveways.

Your options range from excavating for a new base to simply cutting out bad sections. It starts with a visit by me, the owner, coming to your house at your convenience to provide a free, no obligation quote. Our experienced construction team takes over from there to execute the job, using our professional equipment and only the highest grade of materials to complete the project.

We specialize in new home driveways, large rural/farm driveways, and removal/replacement of old driveways. Your driveway is an important part of the overall aesthetics of your property. BULGARI PAVING delivers a quality product while maintaining a fair price. Installing new asphalt and repairing damaged pavement is what we do most often for homeowners. For an asphalt paving job to be done correctly, you need to have the right equipment, proper materials, and experienced workers who know how to use them. No one does it better than BULGARI PAVING.

Our grading crew can prepare your job site from balancing the sub grade, to installation, and finish grading the aggregate base. This is essential for the proper results and long life of your asphalt pavement. We have the experience to get the job done right. No matter the size of the job, we will do it right.

Patch Work

If a section of your otherwise good driveway or parking lot is damaged, we will cut it out, re-grade, pack and pave it for a fraction of the cost.


This is the standard option. We rip out the old asphalt, regrade with ¾” gravel, pack and pave with hot asphalt.


If you are on a budget and want to have your driveway looking decent a little longer; choose this option. We will evenly spread a layer of new hot asphalt over your existing driveway to give you the most affordable option. This is done with a layer of tar-based glue to assure adhesion of the new to the old.


This is the most expensive option. For lower lying areas where the ground is always settling or if you do not have a minimum of 10” existing gravel base. We will excavate 12″-20″ (depending on whether you are on top of soil or clay), add filter-cloth, fill and compact with larger 2” gravel, fine grade with ¾” gravel, then pave. This option is more costly, but a driveway is only as good as its base. This option will be priced and recommended in the estimate so there are no surprises if it is required. We will only recommend it if necessary and leave the choice to you.

Commercial Paving

Top-notch Ottawa commercial asphalt paving services

BULGARI PAVING is ready and able to provide top-notch commercial asphalt paving services in Ottawa, plus a great variety of related products and services. BULGARI PAVING provides affordable, customized paving solutions for commercial and industrial businesses and property developments.

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